8 Things to Keep In Mind When Chasing Success

Over the past 6 months, me and my team have been organizing a conference for International Women’s Day hosted by Young Women in Business SFU.  Well finally, the day came for our conference this past weekend, and it was a day of listening to successful women share their stories and secrets and I left feeling pretty inspired by everyone there.

Here are 8 quotes from the conference that particularly stood out to me:

8 quotes you should read about success

Basically, don’t be afraid to network: introduce yourself to the CEO at the next staff party, cold-message someone on LinkedIn and ask if they want to meet for a coffee. Don’t hide in the corner forever! Networking is so, so important to success.

8 quotes you should read about success

You need to learn to fall before you can stand up. You learn from your failures and become stronger. The speaker who spoke about this, said that she was booed off the stage in the 8th grade and she attributes that to her excellent public speaking skills and confidence. Yes, failure will you free indeed.

8 quotes you should read about success

This is such a big one for me – one of the reasons I’ve struggled to keep up with my blog and social media is because I’m such a perfectionist. I never want to put anything out there unless it’s perfect. But this can harm you to the point where you just give up. You need to remember it’s all about progress! Not perfection. Thanks Danielle for making me realize this!

8 quotes you should read about success

Another one I have found myself doing again and again – not doing something because I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. You have to just do it. You won’t learn until you do.

8 quotes you should read about success

I love when someone can sum up a concept in 3 words like this.

8 quotes you should read about success

So true! Always keep learning, and challenging yourself. It’s the only way to grow.

These ladies don’t know how much they have inspired me.

What is your tip for success, confidence and achieving your goals?

Maureen Adele

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