8 Ways to Decorate For Fall

I recently moved out on my own and into an apartment with my boyfriend. This is my first fall season in my very own apartment. I have been contemplating how to master the art of fall decorations in our small place. Pinterest has exploded with stunning fall inspired fireplace mantels. While we have a nice mantel in our apartment, we have a giant TV screen hung on the wall over the fireplace. So taking part in that is out of the picture for me. Well, at least until I have a big house one day (a girl can dream). In the meantime, I’m pretty content with our cozy, little apartment though.

However, finding fall decorations for your apartment can be different as compared to decorating a house. But do not fear: falling into the season is still possible with a few simple fall details added to your place.

8 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Fall:

  1. Candles: Candles evoke coziness. Fall is cozy. Therefore in order to bring fall to your apartment, you must have candles.
    • As an added plus, you can find beautifully scented candles that will make your entire apartment floor smell like fall.
  2. Play with your coffee table decor: add a crate like the one in the above collage (in #1), grab some mini pumpkins from the supermarket and other fall decoration elements from the Dollar Store, throw some Fall-scented candles in and place it on the coffee table. Antlers as seen in the 2nd picture are also great additions to your fall decorations that evoke the season well.

fall decoration

Crate with fall blooms and candles makes for a beautiful piece for either a coffee table or table centre piece

3. Play with different textures and patterns to get into the season: toss some new throws onto your couch. Choose ones that are soft or furry and in warm tones. Change out your bedding for a quilt that is a deep burgundy color or other fall colors, and place a fuzzy throw at the end of the bed. Incorporate patterns such as plaids, wood, burlap, etc.

4. Place fall bouquets in your apartment: flowers always brighten up a room. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet or plant in your apartment

fall decorations

Fall textures such as burlap and wood are used to take these fall flowers to the next level.

5. Swap out your regular pillows on your couch for something more fall-inspired. 

Fall decoration

From The Frugal Homemaker

6. If you’re feeling pretty wild, try out adding twinkle lights to your apartment for the perfect cozy glow.

fall decorations

From Free People blog. Lots of amazing inspiration here.

fall decorations

7. Incorporate pumpkins in your decor by trying out some DIYs, there a ton of ways to bling out your pumpkins that can be found on Pinterest but this succulent pumpkin makes my heart swoon!

Fall decorations

8.  Hang your favourite mugs up so your cozy fall beverages will only be one step away at all times!

fall decorations

This blog uses a rail from Ikea to display her favourite mugs in her gorgeous kitchen.

mug display

These mugs almost look like art. An added plus? More storage space in your cupboards.

9. DIY All-Natural Air Freshener: no fall decorating is complete without the matching scents of fall to go with it. There are a plethora of DIY natural air freshener recipes you can find online. Try this orange-cinnamon scent, or try one of these.

fall decorations

Bring the smells of fall to your apartment with this recipe.

10. Add fall themed prints. You can find a ton of free printables online! Print off the one you desire and put it in a frame.

fall prints

Porch has a collection of free prints like this one. I just love this whole display. Wouldn’t this look great on the shelf of a bookcase?

fall decorations


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