Green With Envy

6 green beauties I am currently obsessing over:

  1. Matcha Tea Lattes: Known for their energizing magical powers and health benefits + delicious flavour. It’s easy to make at home too, just purchase matcha powder at your local health or tea store + steam milk, & add honey to sweeten your latte.
  2. AILA Nail Polish: This nail polish contains no toxic ingredients usually found in nail polish and removers + is created with natural + organic ingredients. I first tried this brand in my Petit Vour subscription box and highly recommend it.
  3. Meow Meow Spot SerumAnother green beauty brand worth raving about! This spot serum seriously works so well. At the first sight of a pimple, you apply this all organic essential oil blend to the spot and I swear, the next morning, your pimple is defeated!
  4. One Love Organics Bamboo Sponge: This eco-friendly sponge swells up to double the size when you run it under water. It feels soft on skin and gives it a deep clean.
  5. Whipped Green Tea & Coconut Oil Moisturizer: Hello Natural creates the best DIY Natural Beauty recipes and this green tea moisturizer doesn’t disappoint. The best part? It only uses 2 ingredients.
  6. ILIA Lipsticks: Another amazing green beauty brand that believes in saving our planet and our bodies. Not only is this brand eco-friendly, but the founder Sasha also sought out ethical suppliers to create the product. Oh and not to mention, she’s from the city I call home – Vancouver. These lipsticks are made from organic ingredients and come in a variety of gorgeous colors.


Have you tried any of these green beauty products? Let me know which ones are your favorites?

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