7 Ways to Quell the Boredom on Your Commute


Sitting on the train trying to avoid making eye contact with other riders? Bored out of your mind? Does this sound familiar to you on your daily commute?

Is it just me or does the time go by so s-l-o-w-w-w-w on the early commute. I have to take a bus to get to the train and usually, that bus sits in 20-30 minutes of traffic which makes for a tiring and boring morning. Anyway, lately I’ve been coming up with things to do on my morning commute to squash the boredom. Here are 7 ways to quell the boredom:

  1. Listen to podcasts.

    Some of my favorites: Happier With Gretchen Rubin (author o
    f the Happiness Project); Magic Lessons With Elizabeth Gilbert  (Author of Eat, Pray, Love); Raise Your Hand, Say Yes With Tiffany Han; WELL / AWARE Show by wellness blogger Lindsay Mueller. And, today I just discovered one of my favorite green beauty bloggers – Gurl Gone Green has started a podcast, where she focuses on body & health! Podcasts are the best way to make a morning go faster AND learn at the same time.

  2. Read a book.

    This one might seem obvious, however, for the longest time, I would always complain that I didn’t have time to read books for fun. Then, I realized it was because I wasn’t making the time. Reading on the train/bus with music can be so relaxing and you’ll wish the ride wouldn’t end because you want to finish your book! I read my books on my Kindle, which I find easy to bring around with me because you can hold it with one hand (good for when you can’t get a seat on the bus/train). My current read: Inside the O’Briens By Lisa Genova (highly recommend!). Next book picks: I am Malala (I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet); Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Reading

  3. Be productive on your commute.

    You know how when you get to the office in the morning, you start to make your to-do list for the day? Cut out that extra 15 minutes by making your commute more productive. You can use the notepad app on your phone, apps such as Evernote (which syncs with your computer too) or Wanderlist.

  4. Take the time to make goals.

    Begin your day positively knowing what you will accomplish. Similar to making a to-do list, but focusing on the bigger picture.

  5. Learn.

    There are a few sites out there that offer lecture courses taught by professional educator/researchers. Great Courses offers lectures on almost all subjects from history to photography. Time to re-live your university/college days (but without all the pressure to get an A)

  6. Practice mindfulness.

    What better time to zone out and “be present” than while experiencing mind-numbing boredom. Check out Pocket Mindfulness for some tips!

  7. Think of this time of the day as your calm before the storm.

    It’s the one period of time when you don’t have to be doing anything really. Think positively about your commute and you’ll feel better about having to travel far on a crowded, cold and smelly bus.

Maureen Adele

Maureen can be found with a cup of coffee in her hand (in a reusable mug usually), editing and creating content to feature on Metrópolette, and obsessing over weiner dogs. When she isn't breathing Metrópolette (or coffee), she is dreaming about her next adventure to Iceland, searching (and obsessing over) dachshunds on Instagram, and trying out new beauty products.

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